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Judgment Tree

If often listen to sports talk radio when I drive. It helps to pass the time and I'm a sports fanatic. Most of the time the talking heads and listeners who bother to call in to the shows don't have a clue about the subject they're referencing and like to hear themselves talk for the sake of doing so.

However, during this particular midday show, something profound was said. In reference to the recent NBA draft, the topic was the outfit of choice a young man wore that night. One of the co-host was bashing the kids suit. I'm not one to judge fashion but even I thought it was horrendous. During the draft night coverage the young man explained the meaning of the design so I understood it a bit better.

While the topic was discussed, a caller dropped a line that stuck with me: "Don't judge a tree by bark it wears but by the fruit it bares." I took that as a similar meaning to not judging a book by its cover.

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